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Questions and Answers

Hey guys!
So in order for your purchase on the site to be easy and fun, we will answer a few questions.

How to order?

you select your favorite items on the site, and on the item page you click on the "Add to cart" button after all the items you want are in your cart, you click on the "checkout" button and then you just follow the instructions.
First you fill in your personal details, then your address and then the last  step - payment 

Payment is 100% secure and your details are not stored in the system

Once you have paid, the purchase has been made and the package will be sent to you! :)

How long does it take for delivery to reach me?

Delivery time ranges from 20 to 60 days?

I have a discount code where can  I put it?

The code can be entered on the checkout page (see attached photo)